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tv wall mount manalapanTV wall mounts continue to offer the easiest way to install a flat panel TV by hanging on a wall or other suitable surface, providing a professional look that quickly gets noticed. But there is a lot more to wall mounting a TV than just show. If you have been weighing the pros and cons of using a TV wall mount for your flat screen TV, here are the top 5 reasons to get one.

Performance: - Today's high-tech screen technologies require pinpoint precision with regards to room location and screen angle in order to maximize performance. Unfortunately, many owners fail to realize the full benefits of their big screen investment because of poor installation. Using a TV wall mount you can position the screen in precisely the right location, usually to within a couple of inches. Getting the screen elevation and angle correct will produce a noticeable improvement in picture quality and a big boost in overall viewing pleasure.

Space Saving Design: - Furniture found in most homes today is not well suited to accommodate the latest big screen TVs. Shelves and table tops are seldom in the right position to be effective and are more often than not already full of household items. A TV wall mount addresses both issues simply and effectively by getting the TV up and out of the way and correctly positioned for the best viewing angle. You end up with a lot less clutter and more living space.

Security: - Many TV wall mounts come with anti-theft features built in that can thwart burglars and prevent unwanted tampering to help keep your big screen investment safe. An effective deterrent to tampering can be as simple as mounting the display high up out of reach. And for more challenging environments the screen can be locked to the mount and padlocked in place. Properly secured, the screen is very difficult to detach from the mount without risk of damage. A TV wall mount offers a more practical and cheaper insurance alternative than making a claim on your homeowners policy.

Flexible Viewing: - For maximum range of motion the articulated TV wall mount can re-position the display through multiple axis. The mount has a cantilevered arm mechanism that lets you pull the TV away from the wall, turn it from side to side and tilt it up and down. If you have an open plan home you can frequently take advantage of this maneuverability to view the screen from other locations, such as the kitchen, living room or dining area. This allows you to maximize your big screen purchase and avoid the expense of additional TVs.

Style: - A wall mounted flat screen TV can often become the center of attention and make a big improvement in the interior design of any room. The illusion of a big screen TV 'floating' next to a wall is just one of the advantages of using a TV wall mount. Astute interior designers have been using this technique for dramatic effect and to catch the eye of their audience.

TV wall mounts have become the one must have big screen accessory that many consumers have never heard off.They can be installed in under an hour and offer a level of convenience that is hard to beat.

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