How To Create A Cozy Basement

If you've recently finished your basement, congrats! Basement remodeling can sometimes be a challenge to get the beautiful new space you've dreamed of. But, a comfortable finished basement can make all the difference in the way you use your home.

From basement playrooms to home theaters, what you choose to furnish and decorate your room with will make a difference on where you spend your time. If you want to relax in your newly finished basement, here are a few cozy ideas.

A finished basement can improve the overall ROI of your home as well as increase your usable living space.

Find Your Purpose

Now that you've remodeled your basement, you might be considering all the possibilities. It's hard to create a cozy basement without considering what the space will be used for. Homeowners with children often consider turning some of the basement into a playroom or family room to spend time together. Others might consider incorporating a pool table and a bar for a rec room they can enjoy 24/7.

By determining the purpose of your finished basement, you can then decide what elements will work best to make it a cozy living space.

Basement Flooring Ideas

If you've finished your basement, it's likely you've also determined your flooring. Many homeowners opt for a tile or vinyl flooring for their basements as other flooring types can be susceptible to moisture. However, as basement floors can become chilly, don't rule out rugs! An area rug can easily warm up the room and can be a beautiful decorative addition.

Your choice of area rug will likely depend on your style. Go bold in your color choice to add a piece that pops. Or, stick to the classic neutrals in a funky pattern. A stain-resistant rug will work well in a playroom or home theater. Don't forget to add a non-skid backing to make sure it stays in place.

Basement Bar Ideas

For an oasis all your own, a basement bar will be the addition you need. Although, brightly colored bars are a look of the past. Now, sleek cabinetry and industrial lighting are hot for home bars. Open shelving will help you store all your cocktail materials. Don't forget the important bar details like bottle openers and a wine refrigerator.

A basement bar is a great addition if you're planning for the space to be a rec room or home theater. It will allow you to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and a fun addition to your home.

Basement Storage Ideas

Many homeowners utilize their basements, finished or unfinished, for storage. Of course, storage racks and boxes does not create the most comfortable atmosphere. First, rule out any open shelving unit. This will not be appealing. A closed storage unit is the best bet here. However, if that's not an option, use large decorative baskets where possible or zippered storage bags.

Basement Furniture Ideas

One of the key elements in creating a cozy basement is in the furniture you choose. Comfort is key! One of the hottest trends right now in basement furniture is reclining sectional couches. They are the perfect option for spaces where you want people to gather together and relax, such as a home theater or family room.

For rec rooms and playrooms, table and chairs are a must. Stain-proof options are the most convenient here, so you don't have to worry about any spills! Stools can be conveniently moved around pool tables or foosball for onlookers to watch the action happen. Kids can enjoy smaller sized seating, just for them!

Basement Decorating Ideas

For a cozy and comfortable basement, your decorative style should reflect that. Neutral colors are common in basements not only to brighten up an otherwise dark room but to allow you to work color in other areas, such as throw pillows and rugs to add warmth. I love the idea of an accent wall in a different shade of gray or brown to add depth to the basement, without darkening the room. The average cost to paint a room is $1,679, with most homeowners spending between $1,130 and $1,826.

Outside of your paint choice, there are plenty of other decorative elements that must be considered. Wall art should reflect the purpose of your room. Movie posters are the perfect complement to a home theater, while framing your child's drawings could be the extra special touch to the playroom. For a family room, you'll need to consider your coffee table d├ęcor wisely as it can be an eye-catching factor in the room. Consider candles and vases to add a cozy element to your basement.

Basement Fireplaces

The ultimate way to create a cozy basement is with a fireplace. It's an investment that's worthwhile if you intend on spending time in your basement relaxing. It can even help reduce your heating bill. The average cost to install a fireplace is $2,098, with most homeowners spending between $1,236 and $2,516.


A finished basement is a wonderful addition to any home. But, there's work to be done after the remodel. Consider a few of these ideas to help make your basement as cozy and welcoming as possible, for whatever purpose you decide.

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