4 Basement Remodeling Trends

These days, your basement can be a valuable addition to your home. Investing in basement remodeling is a common way to add extra living space without the hassle of a full addition. As you begin to brainstorm your basement remodel, you may want to consider trying out one of these top remodeling trends for 2019.

Open Concept

Keeping your layout open can be tricky if you want to create distinct areas, but having an open basement can lead to greater natural flow and a more comfortable environment. By having a well thought out transition from bar to family area to the theater, you will make each space more inviting and make sure it gets used to the full extent.

Open TV Area Vs Closed Theater

One of the biggest design choices many film and TV buffs face in their basement remodel is whether to choose an open TV area or a closed off theater room. Each has its own set of pros and cons. If you create a closed room you can make sure to add extra insulation to keep the noise from bothering the rest of your home, but you lose out on potential flow.

In Law Suites

Creating a separate in-law suite can be a great idea for a variety of reasons. If you have frequent guests it can make your home a more inviting retreat, and help keep more difficult visitors in their own space. An in-law suite is also great if you ever want to use your home for rentals or Airbnb. These work best in conjunction with walk-out basements as having the natural light and separate entrance makes for a more inviting visitor experience.

Home Brew Haven

Adding a bar to your basement is a common enough idea, but adding a home brewery can take it one step further. Adding a designated space to work on brewing your own beer and wine at home can be a fun and interesting way to make your hobbies easier.

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