Transform Your Basement into a Fun and Colorful Kids’ Playroom

Remember the simpler times when we couldn't wait to play outside? Your parents had to hunt you down at night and drag you back in as you begged them for just a few more minutes. Times have changed, and it seems that kids today are all about the indoors. Adapting to this trend, many Monmouth County parents are turning towards exclusive playrooms to provide them with a dedicated space to have loads of fun.

The basement can be a great solution for a playroom. With a smart renovation, you can even add an adult space alongside the playroom and enjoy the new-found room along with your little ones. Here are a few tips and things to consider before you start to turn the basement into a fun playroom –

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1. Getting Past the Basic Checks

Turning the basement into a functional space is not just about the aesthetics. Since the space is not finished and ready for use, check whether your basement is indeed good enough to hold a playroom along with an additional adult space. Most basements do require efficient insulation along with an egress window to serve as an emergency exit. Make sure there are no leakages in any of the pipes, and ensure that the ceiling is completed before you start thinking about the playroom.

2. Kids and Adult Spaces

One of the reasons why we place emphasis on planning for both adult spaces and a kids’ playroom in the basement is the practicality of it all. Most kids want to be around their parents as much as possible (at least before the hormones start kicking in), and there is no way you are going to tie them down to the basement if you are in the kitchen upstairs all the time. This is especially true with the tiny ones, and it is probably best to keep an eye on them while they are playing anyway! Plan for a small entertainment area, a home workspace or even a laundry room next to the playroom.

One of the best ideas we have stumbled across is the combination of the home gym and the playroom. (Check out our article on basement home gyms). This forces you to get a workout and stay in shape while you have the perfect vantage point to keep an eye on your kids. You can obviously try other combinations that work for you, but make sure you clearly demarcate each area using rugs, drapes or maybe even glass doors.

3. Making a Grand Entrance

We humans are obsessed with making grand entrances for some strange reason! From the Royal wedding to the big sporting events, we plan meticulously for entrances that steal the show. Why should your kid enjoy anything less? The basement playroom is the perfect place to add a slide along with the regular staircase to make it even more fun and appealing. Unlike many of the other expansive additions, this will not set you back by a fortune, and with the right slide, even the adults in the house can have some fun!

4. Carpeting and the Walls

One thing that is certain about kids is their ability to find the most unlikely surfaces to bump against! Just when you think you have every angle covered, they seem to find a new one. This is especially true with the boys. While wall-to-wall carpeting is often the preferred way to go in playrooms, consider square carpet tiles that allow you to localize and clean up any mess with ease. When it comes to the walls, we suggest colorful wallpapers and beautiful wall decals instead of an extensive and expensive paint job.

5. Extensive Themes vs. Simple Makeovers

One thing you do need to settle on before designing the playroom is the theme of the space. The choices can vary from a Disney princess theme for girls to superhero and sports-inspired themes for boys. Playrooms with specialized themes do look amazing and will surely put a giant smile on your kids’ faces for days to come. But they also come with a lack of flexibility, and within a year or two, even your little one would want a different theme.

Unless you are willing to spend plenty of energy, time and money into the playroom every 2-3 years, we suggest staying away from elaborate themes. Yes, they look great in the catalogs, but you are not trying to sell any decor, are you? Neutral walls with bright decals, wallpaper and even some chalkboard paint are often sufficient to get the job done. This also allows you to redecorate the space with ease once your kids start to grow out of the current phase.

6. Stretching Out the Storage

When it comes to kids’ playrooms, you can never have enough storage. Basement playrooms mean that eventually some of the toys will find their way back up into the main house. Instead of fixed shelves, think of incorporating wicker baskets and decorated laundry baskets as storage units. They can be moved around with ease from room to room, and your kids will find it a lot easier to clean up the mess this way. Benches with hidden storage and shelves that make use of the vertical room guarantee that you also save up on space in a trendy fashion.

7. Seating and Lighting

While plush seats for the kids are a given in the playroom, also add a cool ottoman or a simple couch that will allow the adults to sit comfortably in the room. This will encourage you to spend more time with your kids and get a bit more involved in their playroom fun. (The little ones will obviously love it!) Lighting in the basement playroom is not as vital as in a basement home office or living area. Just ensure that there is ample ambient light and your kids will keep themselves busy for endless hours!

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